Drug Addiction Sucks

Jails, institutions, or death, they say? F*ck that. It's time to recover.

Grab my Top 10 Quick Tips Cheatsheet for getting through cravings without using drugs.

You Are Not Alone In This Journey

We’ve all felt like we don’t belong in this world, unloved, unwanted, or just like a total misfit and that noone understands us.  That’s a lie that society has made us believe – you are not alone.  You can have a tribe of people that have your back – join us – we’re here for you.

group of friends that are addicts in recovery

Hi, I'm Angel.

After a lifelong battle with addiction and a final rock-bottom, I finally got on the road to recovery from my dependency on drugs and alcohol in 2016. 

It’s been full of ups and downs, but one thing I’ve learned is how to stay sober, so I’m compelled to share my journey with you.  This journey has taught me how to love myself, which is a lot harder than it sounds, and I want to help other addicts do the same.

Most of all, I hope this blog brings someone HOPE, because change IS possible.

Get Your Fix

Where are you in your addiction recovery journey?

Trying To Get Sober

You've got this! Get tips, tools and resources for addicts that will help you get clean and sober

Trying To Stay Sober

Now that you're in recovery there's a lot to learn that will help you stay clean for long haul.

Living A Sober Life

Find tips and ideas for living a happy and productive sober life and staying healthy.

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